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Shared Authority

Every team member has some authority within their given area of responsibility. This means they are responsible for coming up with solutions to the challenges specific to their area. Those solutions should be communicated to other teammates to see if there are any potential conflicts because the movement of one will inevitably affect the others. They have authority over their area and should be given the chance to give some input on the potential solution.

Do Your Job

Everyone got a treat of a Super Bowl in 2017. Not everyone was happy with the outcome. I have to admit that as a team oriented person, I have come to admire the New England Patriots. They represent teamwork in a way that is unique in today’s sports world. They don’t sell out for the quick fix. They actually take the time to prepare and develop players. I have always said that I would take a team full of work horses that are committed to doing their job over a team full of talent. The New England Patriots validated that for me this year. They proved that over almost two decades nothing can replace hard work and effort.