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Resisting Fearful Criticism

It’s important for a team to discuss decisions before moving forward. Gaining input from different perspectives is a huge benefit of working on a team rather than acting alone. Not all input is created equal. Concerns and questions are good. Critical statements based on fear must be resisted at all costs. If a team becomes accustomed to entertaining fear as a motivating factor in their decision making, they will step off the path of effectiveness and onto a path of comfortable mediocrity.

Echo Chamber

Great teams get better because great teammates make other teammates better. Ordinary teammates on a project together  will get better at being ordinary. Their discussions will revolve around ordinary things. Great teams discuss what it takes to be great without the ordinary fears and ordinary effort. The bright side is that a group of ordinary people will accomplish more as an ordinary team than any ordinary individual could by themselves.


It’s important to know why people do certain things. We can’t get inside anyone’s head but patterns of behavior can help explain what and why someone is behaving a certain way. Some people walk with a quiet confidence and others must let everyone know how important they are. Which one would you want to be on a team with? The antics of those that have something to prove often disrupt the activities necessary for a team to be effective.

Chosen Personality

How much of who we are is nature and how much is nurtured? Were we born some way that makes us who we are? Yes. Our genetics, family dynamic, and social status all have an impact on who we are but…they don’t decide it. Each of us wakes up everyday with the ability to change. Our past and circumstances are not fatalistic. I may have learned some bad habits, but I chose whether or not to keep them regardless of who I chose to learn from.