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Discipline is a source of emotional security.

When I am disciplined enough to prepare well, I can walk into situations with the confidence required to succeed. How much emotional insecurity is spawned from a habit of undisciplined choices and behavior? How many times are we insecure because we compromised and try to fake it like we didn’t? How many times did we walk into a situation unprepared and felt threatened by those who prepared well? Insecurity is poison on a team. Discipline is a potential antidote to that poison.

Compromised disciplined can compromise integrity.

Discipline allows us to avoid situations that would tempt us to cheat the system. When we are disciplined, we have to rely less on shortcuts and therefore we are not tempted as often to compromise our integrity. It’s easier to make the right decision when we are not in the difficult circumstances caused by our undisciplined choices. Making the hard call early on helps us make the hard call later.

Discipline is a source of self-respect.

When we are disciplined, we are closer to our best self. We set ourselves up for the best circumstances. Discipline allows us to walk confidently into our day. Disciplined behavior allows us to feel differently about ourselves than when we are constantly behind because of poor choices. It gives us the dignity to honor our efforts with better behavior.

Consider the Original Intent

Inconvenient programs and policies are often targeted as being in the way of caring for people. To remove them is often short-sighted for the convenience of the moment. Unfortunately, policies and programs are often removed without any regard for the original intent. People were hurt in the past and the policy was put in place. If that policy is removed to protect those inconvenienced by the current policy, then others are put at risk as well. The cycle then repeats.

People Over Programs

I have often heard from people who were hurt by a tough decision that people should come before programs. While this is generally true, I believe the statement is a often misused. Programs and policies are often put in place in order to avoid situations where people get hurt. These are usually appreciated until they become inconvenient. Decisions are never easy and sentiment complicates things. Polices and programs help us document why we decided what we did in the past and they should be impartially evaluated to see if they still accomplish that.