Monthly Archives: July 2017

My Capacity

When I measure fairness, I must understand my current capacity and limits. Am I being asked to stretch and grow or am I being asked to do something I am incapable of succeeding at? This is actually very difficult to discern when entering into a novel situation. When we begin to question the fairness of situation, we must determine whether growing is ever fair?

Emotionally Inefficient

Always falling behind can be exciting but it is emotionally inefficient. The amount of effort it takes to come from behind is hard to conjure multiple times. Settling for a slow start and a good finish may be exciting, but it is also taxing. That lifestyle will eventually catch up with the individual or team and the comeback will fall short. This is true of people that create a lifestyle of overwhelming odds. That lifestyle doesn’t scale well and eventually the bill for the effort is more than the team can afford.

Conditioned for a Comeback

Have you ever pulled for a team that always finds themselves in the position of needing to make a comeback? It’s almost as if they are more comfortable when the odds are stacked against them. This may be true if belief in a comeback is based on multiple instances when it worked out in favor of a team. The sense of urgency isn’t there until it is almost too late. They don’t pay attention until something awful happens, but they come through in the clutch.