Tough Talk

One day, on our drive home from school, my daughter was upset and told me that her orchestra director told them that they were not good enough. “Can you believe that she would say that we are not good enough?!” Daisy was appalled. They were rehearsing for a district competition and the director was not happy with their performance that day. I asked Daisy if she thought they were good enough. She admitted that they had a rough day but didn’t understand why she had to be so mean about it. In my head, I was thanking God that my daughter had someone in her life that was willing to tell her the truth. I told Daisy that I respected her director for being honest and that hearing that we are not good enough was part of becoming great at something. A few weeks later, that same director had tears in her eyes when they were good enough and won best in class with a superior score at the competition. Great lesson for my daughter to learn about receiving feedback.

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