How We Win

Winning isn’t everything. It is important but how we win is more important. Every team has a certain measure of power when they find themselves in a position to defeat an opponent. How the team uses that power is always more important for the team than the win itself. When I played and coached football, my uncle always told me to be careful not to run up the score. There will be a day when the tables will turn and I will be in a place where I need the same mercy I showed others in my victories. When our opponent is a person, or even a team of people, it is important to win in such a way that preserves the dignity of those we defeat. There is a line between defeating an opponent and humiliating them. If I win, I need to win well to preserve the dignity of others. However, if our opponent is not a person but rather an evil concept, it should be utterly defeated because the existence of evil is a threat to the dignity of all.

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