The Empowering Question

Every leader should ask themselves a couple specific questions whenever they give a teammate a task or job. These questions will help the leader determine if the task or job will empower that teammate: Am I delegating or assigning this job to my teammate only because I don’t have time to do this myself and I hope they do it exactly how I would do it? Or am I giving this job or task to a teammate with the hope that they find a better way to do it than I ever could with my current availability and bandwidth? A leader should communicate expectations to their teammate. Some people like being a clone with no creative freedom. Great teammates will not enjoy the expectation of being a clone for long.

2 thoughts on “The Empowering Question

  1. I’m not a clone, why would I have a clone?
    Empowerment is free thinking to successfully, with minimum, or no guidance, achieve ones goals.
    Am I at least on the right track?

    1. Empowerment is giving the level of freedom that is appropriate to the skill level of the teammate. Teammates in need of training are empowered with more direction than seasoned teammates. The goal is to direct only as much as needed with the goal of releasing the full task to them when they are ready. Clones happen when teammates are too insecure to operate independently and leaders are too insecure to allow them to. A match made in heaven. So yes, you are on the right track that a well trained individual is empowered with more freedom.

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