Training is Inconvenient

Training is never convenient. Great teams accept that and recognize the cost a lack of training has on future success. Taking the time to show someone the proper way to see, think and do their job saves so much time in the future. The problem is that less than great teams have difficulty taking the necessary time in the present to properly train their teammates. This is often the difference between the best and the rest of the teams we interact with or hear about. Why do Starbucks, Disney, Apple, the New England Patriots, the San Antonio Spurs, and all the other teams that just seem better stand out? One reason is they refuse to discount their future by leaving training to chance today like their competition.


One thought on “Training is Inconvenient

  1. I’m a baptism under fire kind a guy. Sink or swim, your choice. Do it or else.
    Yea right, there is always time and money for training.
    My team/s meets for training on a regular basis. It is known that we are not working on projects, we are working on processes and techniques and we always look forward to it.
    If your not training, your not growing, your not succeeding and you will get left behind.

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