Publicly and Privately Supportive

Teams should have a diversity of opinions and personalities. Diverse teams will disagree at times. It’s important, for the unity of the team, that everyone understands that it’s good to voice opinions and disagree, but once a decision is made, everyone must be both privately and publicly supportive of the direction the team ultimately chose. This can be difficult, but part of choosing to belong is going along with decisions I may or may not agree with.


All Eyes On Me

My low expectation of someone is revealed when I never ask them to do anything above and beyond. What I am saying is I am the only one capable of such effort and that it is morally wrong to ask so much of someone else. Sounds pretty arrogant when it’s put that way, but many leaders behave in a way that puts themselves at the center of everything, as if it all depends on their effort and ability and everyone else is there just to watch the show.

When am I ready?

Does sitting through a training really get you as ready as two days on the job? Of course not. The truth is that we are never really ready for any task. Even extensive experience cannot completely prepare us for similar experiences that have unique nuances never present in previous contexts. The sooner a team accepts that no one is ever “ready” and we are always learning, the sooner they can release authority and empower people to gain new experience.